Aztec's Treasure Slots

The Aztec Treasure is a game that comes with great mystery and amazing reputation. The setting for the game is Central America, where there are very thick vines in the tropical. The game is played basically by battling in a bid to get to the center of the jungle, in a bid to win the battle.


There are a number of symbols that are available to the Aztecs, that this particular game offers. Some of the interesting features include an idol, a sun model, a temple that is sacred, interesting artifacts and a ceremonial hat. Additionally, in the background is very smooth music, that makes you feel like you have been taken to another world altogether. The music comes with instruments that are soothing with woodwind, complete with tribal drums that are hypnotic. What this does as you play, is that it gives you the urge to keep playing by keeping you totally entertained.

Great Chances to Win

For you to be able to see the many opportunities that you stand to win, what you need to do is to make an exit of the main screen, and make a navigation to the paytable. You are able to easily do this by using the buttons that are located on the bottom right side of the screen. There are quite a number of prizes that are up for grabs and will give you a great opportunity to win. The biggest prize in this game is Aztec serpent interpretation, which gives you the chance to win 5,000 if you successfully get five different symbols that are matching. The next best valued prizes are the high-valued playing cards. You are able to make a claim to a winning if you can successfully match a total of three or more symbols. However, the more you are able to make the correct matches, the higher the chances of winning you stand.

How to Play

Once you are done exploring the paytable for the many prizes that are on offer as has been described above, you can now make an exit to the main game and be ready to play. The very first thing that you need to do before you can begin spinning the reels is to go and get your bets set up according to what you best prefer. The Aztec Treasure is often played with a total of 25 different paylines, which are played on 5 reels. Of importance to note however, is the fact that you do not necessary have to play with the entire full set. However, you are able to choose as many as you want to use for playing by clicking on the small numbered buttons that are located on either sides of the reels.