Jazz Time Slots

Jazz Time is a slot machine game that is part of RTGs offerings and is a fun slot game for anyone who is a fan of jazz music. With a long and rich history to back it up, respectability and refinement are two words that come to people's minds when they think of jazz music. The genre has a large group of fans who love it, and Jazz Time will appeal greatly to these people.


Jazz Time has an unusual sort of layout, and this is because the icons are not presented in squares like they usually are in slot machines. Besides this, the slot machine has 9 pay lines and 5 reels but does feel a bit like an older game, which kind of adds to its jazz flavor. It can pay players up to a quarter of a million dollars and includes a scatter feature as well as a bonus feature. All in all, there are fewer features on this slot machine when comparing it to many others, but it still has plenty to offer.


One of the features that Jazz Time slot machines offer is a Big Money Scatter Bonus. This bonus will trigger when three different kinds of scatter icons show up on the reels. The three icons combine to make a drum set, and this allows a player to move on to the bonus round. The three icons players should look for to win their way into the bonus round are a hi-hat, snare drum, and drumsticks. When these show up, a player will get a 350x prize, which is a multiplier that is applied to their bet.

Jazz Time slot machines also offer another bonus feature named Jazz Jam Session. For this bonus, a player needs to have all three scatter symbols with pianos on them showing on the reels. It doesn't matter if they are on the same pay line. They just need to be showing anywhere on the reels. A player can then choose what instruments will be used in a music session, and if these work well together, they can win some money. The bonus game keeps going until a player hits a bad note. A player can win as many as 4,000 coins during the Jazz Jam Session bonus.

Jazz Time slot machines allow players to bet 5 coins per line with a total of 9 lines available. The betting value ranges between $0.01 and $5, and the max bet can add up to $225. One of the biggest payouts a player can receive is the 10,000 multiplier, and this can pay out $250,000 if all five coins were bet at their highest value. The icons in the game include a saxophone, guitar, piano, microphone, trumpet, hi-hat, snare, drum, and drumstick.